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Video of Man Doing 'Surgery' on Completely Busted iPhone Is Incredible

We can't believe he was able to salvage this thing.

Is there anything worse than having a cracked smartphone screen? Problems can range from being unable to easily view the whole screen, open chips or splits damaging fingertips, loss of some functionality, even complete disabling of the phone. People spend good money for cases and other accessories to safeguard phones for damage but sometimes even that isn't enough to prevent them from falling victim to a clumsy accident or perhaps something more malicious. 

Most times wireless carriers will help out a distraught customer and help them get a new phone through an insurance claim. However, some cell phones owners aren't so fortunate and have to try to recuperate their phones with a phone repair specialist. After watching this video from TikTok user @moneytalkswireless, it might be time to consider these people magicians or miracle workers. 

First of all, am I the only one whose mind is COMPLETELY blown by this video? I had no idea all that meticulous work went into fixing a damaged cell phone screen and backing. Props to all these people who know how to do this and run those shops at strip malls and kiosks at regular malls - you're keeping things going for a lot of us.

Commenters were equally impressed with this ability to recover cell phones. Z I A Q A M Z posted, "You did a good job. i enjoyed watching your videos." "where is ur store pls tell meeee," asked heepie_dasheepe. 

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