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Simple Trick for a Makeshift iPhone Tripod Is Pretty Genius

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Good accessaries are not cheap, especially when it comes to electronic devices like phones or cameras (same thing nowadays.) Back when I was in film school (a life time ago in 2012) a solid tripod cost me about $90. While that's pricy, think about it, you don't want something that's shaky or unstable holding your camera. That would defeat the purpose having a tripod in the first place, and you'd end up with shaky video or blurry photos as best, and potentially, a damaged camera at worse. (Trust me, nothing ruins your day quite like your camera breaking when it falls off your tripod.)  

However, one of the great things about iPhones is how small they are, which renders the need for a conventional (potentially pricy) tripod, moot. And as it turns out, if you have an iPhone, you may not need a tripod at all.

 As TikTok user @itsnicoleviteriii brilliantly demonstrates...

Well my mind is blown. (Wish I had thought of this, or had an iPhone or large hair clip, back in film school.) Turns out social media is digging this one too. 

As @ElyseMyers wrote "Hold on this changed my life." While @HeatherMarieSpirit said, "That's fire." While @AfroGirl545 lamented (my heart goes out to her on this one) "I just ordered a tripod then I see this." 

Well there you have it folks. You don't actually need to spend money on an expensive tripod in order to have a quality tripod. All you need is the right hair clip. Turns out the old adage "it's not what you got, it's how you use it" is true.