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What's the Best Color For Your iPhone? A Top Five List Is Offered and Debated

This list seems to have aroused some passions.

There are many different reasons for getting a new iPhone. Maybe we lost one or cracked a screen. Maybe a new version has come out and we just have to drop everything and get it. But at the point of purchase, suddenly we are confronted with the question of which color to get. Green is gorgeous, sierra blue is cool and clean, gold is always solid, and red is bold (not to mention a portion of the proceeds from red iPhone sales goes to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS).

Posted to TikTok by user @edgedddd, the below video runs through a list of the top five iPhone colors, and as you'll see, number one is a matter of some controversy.


"Rose gold sweeps everything on this list," writes commenter @lr06__.

"Where's navy blue," asks @298_maco.

"Yeah," says @yk.itsbradley. "Red iPhones have their profits donated to Covid and AIDS and a lot of companies do this because it's a part of a fundraiser called (Product)RED."

"I was waiting for purple," confesses @gracies.boyfriend.

Apparently just because you have a certain color doesn't mean it's your favorite. "I have the sierra blue 13 pro max and I hate the color," admits @user57744532929837479063.

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"LOL," writes @ericlikespotatos2. "I'm watching on the green iPhone 13 pro."

"Space Gray," chimes in @zaynec22 with a bit of outlier opinion.

"I got the purple iPhone 12 with a mega Alakazam ex Pokémon card on the back," shares @piss_pants7.

"I have the red iPhone 13," announces @chicken112244. "It’s a great color, but it’s hard to find a good case unless it’s clear."

"I love my gold color," says @gracelundy. "It’s like white at some angles and gold at others."

Whatever your favorite color or what you think of this list, it's clearly a debate that will go on and on.

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