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Video of Vintage 'iPod3 Shuffle' Is So Hilariously Nostalgic

Those really were the good old days.

As people started listening to music digitally, MP3 players became the bridge from Walkmen of the 20th century to cellphones that do EVERYTHING today. I remember seeing people walking around my college campus with iPods and earbuds seemingly surgically attached to their bodies, in the off moment they weren't on their phones. Apple's variety of devices became the gold standard and status symbol for the industry, which likely helped them convert users when they first unveiled the iPhone.

While it's only been a few years since digital music players fell out of favor, looking back at them almost feels like stepping into another era of time. Technology has changed so much over the past two decades, even year over year, that finding an old device is like uncovering a fossil. TikTok user @theollietech posted this video of an older version of the iPod shuffle and it brings back some memories.

Commenters were feeling a combination of flashback from old technology and whiplash to how fast things changed. "It’s kinda funny how “you only need a headphone jack” turned into “you don’t need a headphone jack”," noted Mark James. Just Jory posted, "im shocked at how many people don't know what a mp3 player is. Its so simple. It plays mp3 files." "it would end up in my washing machine within a week," recalled ryan. 

Yes, we used to have very smaller MP3 players that were voice-activated and only had one port to use for headphones and charging. However, these were better at not skipping than older CD players and carried a lot more music. 

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