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Irresistible Robot Delivers Room Service To Hotel Room and People Are In Love

"Not to be dramatic, but I’d die for him," writes a commenter.

A hotel guest seems surprised when she gets a call saying there is a robot at the door delivering her food. Then she gets a big kick out of the experience of interacting with the mechanical fellow. 

Check it out in this video posted by TikTok user @grey.zeigler.


"Not to be dramatic, but I’d die for him," writes a commenter.

"Introvert’s dream," says another.

One user loved the audio, saying "The sounds it made were adorable."

"I’m sobbing he is so cute," writes a big fan of the robot.

"Why didn't you pat him?!?!?" asks a user.

One viewer of the video observes, "He almost tripped."

"If he fell over there i would have lost it," surmises a video watcher.

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"Love that they’re in a tux," says a commenter.

This person is not such a big fan, writing, "This is how everyone will be replaced. Good luck for the children in the future for getting jobs."

"His little dance after giving the 5-star review. OMGGGG," gushes another commenter.

"He got so happy then sad then said bye-bye," someone observes.

A couple users love the cosmetic design. "He's dressed like a butler," notices one.

"His bow tie!" exclaims another.

This robot manages to be perfectly functional and pulls off some style and character while it's at it. The hotel customer in the video as well as most commenters seem to think it's pretty grand. Nice job, droid!

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