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Video Of Baywatch Jet Ski That Drives On the Road Is Way Too Cool

"Wonderful!" exclaims a viewer of the video.

An awesome jet ski with a Baywatch lifeguard theme is seen going for a nice joy ride, which by itself is not super extraordinary. But this one is exceptional. That's because the joy ride it's taking is on a road on land. How is this possible? Check out the sweet video below and then we'll take a stab at answering that question.


Posted by user @tech, the video sparks some discussion in the comments.

"You cool!" writes commenter @mariapretabahia.

"Wonderful!" exclaims @rpiro. I want to see how it works at a red light!"

"Never let them know your next move," says @rpiro.

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User @sheilagraf simply states, "This is why I love TikTok!"

These statements aside, we're guessing the question here is primarily about how this amazing ride was created.

We suggest it is probably not so much a jet ski turned into a motorcycle as it is a motorcycle with a jet ski shell around it to make it look like a jet ski. It would take some engineering and some execution, but the general idea would be to use the jet ski shell, cut out holes for the wheels, encapsulate the motorcycle with the modified shell, and hit the road.

With the license plate added, it is presumably even street legal.

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