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Man Shares Simple Tutorial for Keeping an iPhone Secure

Everybody needs to know this information.

For all the wonderful things that our cell phones can do, they are magnets for attention, especially by those bad actors who would do anything to harm us or others with a stolen device. Sometimes a threat can come from an unknown source, despite our continued vigilance. Even with the security measures installed by cell phone manufacturers and all our careful habits, there are still some ways to work around these barriers we set. 

There seems to be almost as many schemes to break through phone security as there are security features provided with smartphones. It can seem overwhelming at times to stay ahead of the bad actors who wish to infiltrate our phones for malicious purposes. Luckily, TikTok user @arsen has provided iPhone users a way to help protect their phones if they're ever compromised.

Commenters were very appreciative of this suggestion and explanation to bolster phone security. Bibi responded, "Thank you for showing me where my control center is. I kept swiping down in the center and never could find it." "Thank you! I just did it and reposted," mentioned Teej427. "Disable Siri from being accessed while locked too bc a thief can use Siri to enable airplane mode," suggested Autumn. 

While there may be some argument regarding the efficacy of this and other ways to protect cell phones, it is good to see folks looking out for each other. We encourage everyone to share their tried-and-true solutions and help strangers find ways to live better - and safer - everyday. 

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