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This Kid On A Hoverboard With A Duster Is An S-Tier Parenting Hack

Give a kid a hoverboard and a duster, and you too could create a human Roomba.

Don’t feel like vacuuming, but you don’t feel like dropping a few hundred bucks on a Roomba either?

This woman on TikTok got quite creative with a solution that uses everyday items in your home.

Well, that and an able-bodied, adolescent child with a need for speed (and an allowance).


Posted by Lauren Fosters on TikTok, without any words, the video shows who is presumably her son riding around her hardwood floors, kneeling on a hoverboard and wielding a duster.

He seems to get way more speed than a Roomba could dream of, even if he does look like a human Rosie the Robot. Here’s what the viewers are saying.

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“I have a water gun and an upside down bath mat and I go scoot,” one commenter joked.

“OMG … I need to do this,” another commenter said. “Can you hook up a mop too? Lol.”

“I'd argue that it saves money, but them kids [are] hella expensive,” said another commenter, which we can attest to.

“My kid is accident prone and has already double dislocated her elbow using a hoverboard,” another viewer commented, basically saying they won’t be trying this.

“I mean, whatever works,” another commenter said finally, which is exactly the energy we’re feeling.

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