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Kitten Playing Video Game On Phone Is Just Too Adorable

App games for cats can help the furry little ones stay fit physically and mentally.

With phone apps, a kitten can choose from chasing mice around, playing whack-a-mole, going fishing, or in this case following a fly around the phone face. It's a delight to watch.

Posted by TikTok user @mothecat1, the video below shows that in addition to being simply adorable, these games are a great way to entertain your new feline while you are busy around the house.


The Pets Radar Website has a couple of things to note on this subject.

  • Cat apps may sound like a silly gimmick, but believe it or not, they can be a fantastic way of providing your feline friend with the mental stimulation they need to stay happy and healthy. While staying physically fit is important, cats also have a need for their minds to be challenged and apps are a great way of doing this.
  • With life being so busy these days, cat apps offer the same kinds of benefits as the best automated cat toys as you can set them up on your tablet before you leave home so that your feline friend has something to engage with while you're gone. As well as being great for them, it'll also help reduce the risk of them getting into mischief while you're away, which is a nice perk for you!
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Read more about these apps and see some more video examples here.

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