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An Astrobiologist Has A Mini 'Early Earth' In Her Lab And It Will Take Your Breath Away

A researcher's laboratory contains a chamber that is completely free of oxygen, just as the Earth's atmosphere was a few billion years ago. In this video, she demonstrates how she uses it to conduct experiments about the origin of no less than life on Earth.

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Scientists estimate the age of the Earth to be 4.57 billion years. For quite some time, its atmosphere consisted primarily of hydrogen and helium, with no free oxygen. About 4.4 billion years ago, the Earth's crust formed, allowing volcanoes to eject new gases into the equation.

This atmosphere is similar to the conditions mimicked in TikTok user @astrobiolena's laboratory. Here she researches the origin of Earth life in order to understand the potential for life on other worlds. She demonstrates how she uses her fascinating experimental workshop in this video.

First, she shows us how she uses an airlock mechanism and a vacuum pump to get things in and out of the anaerobic chamber. Inside the chamber are various chemicals and minerals that she works with to conduct her experiments. 

One fascinated commenter, @bigbull1000, exclaims, "I could listen to you all day. Interesting!" We'd have to agree. Not only is the subject matter engaging, but so is she.

"So if I keep my guac in there it won't turn brown, right?" asks @dont_at_me_thanks. That is an appetizing question, and it sounds like an experiment worth trying (as long as there are nacho chips involved).

Commenter @uhleeuhw cheers her on, writing in all caps, "WOMEN IN STEM! WOMEN IN STEM! WOMEN IN STEM!"

As @astrobiolena conducts these experiments in order to learn about the requirements for and possibility of life on other planets, we'll be following. Expect more updates here.

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