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Retro-Looking Landline Phone Comes With a Hilarious Surprise

What a great way to prank your friends!

Believe it or not, there are still people who have landline phones in their homes. Some of us are old enough to remember when everyone not only had one line, but some had multiple phone numbers, either for a teenager who "just wants some privacy!" or the hard line used for dial-up internet. Nowadays, cell phones handle most communication needs, and people are mostly running things off their home internet networks, leading to "cord-cutting" trends that eschew home phones and cable television. 

The sight of a corded phone drilled into a wall, once ubiquitous in kitchens around the world, is now almost a relic. Imagine showing a young child a rotary phone and asking them to call someone on it - they may not even know where to begin. While some people keep these phones as conversation pieces or reminders of simpler times, TikTok user @justinflom has a clever trick with his landline phone. 

The commenters on this video unanimously love this trick phone. "omg take my $$$," offered Bricksboro. SOD1514 declared this is the "Best phone ever." "Okay I need this," conceded James Strong. 

As prank devices go, this might be one of the best I've ever seen. Not only is it activated by a remote control, but it's also a ringing "Rick Roll", and who doesn't love that? With the holidays around the corner, this might be the perfect gift for that certain someone in your life. 

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