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Laser Cleaning Video Enthralls Viewers and Hilariously Brings Up Metaphors For Life

Few things are more satisfying to watch than lasers in action.

Cleaning things up can be unusually and unexpectedly satisfying. With laser technology, it can even be intoxicating to watch in action. Shared by TikTok user @tech, this video shows us a cool way to restore a piece of art.


"That's so frickin' cool!" exclaims a commenter.

Another agrees: "Very interesting."

Other comments get a bit hilariously personal:

"Can you guys make one for back hair?"

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"Can it clean teeth? Mine are yellow."

One viewer of the video gets a little philosophical. "I wonder: Will it do my life?"

Hmmm. Probably not. But it's definitely mesmerizing to watch.

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