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Cool LED House Plant Is Perfect for Those Who Don't Have a Green Thumb

It's definitely impossible to kill this thing.

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Even with society shifting from its agrarian focus in the past two centuries, there is still great value in growing and maintaining plants. Gardening remains a popular hobby, from folks who cultivate their own food to people who just like to get their hands dirty as an escape from modern life. Keeping plants alive teaches a lot about discipline and keeping routines, even if it's just remembering to water petunias outside so they don't die during a dry summer. 

While not all of us have a true green thumb, we can still mostly do some things to improve our gardening skills and keep some plant life to improve our lives. Of course, with folks leaving their offices for months on end from the pandemic, or abandoning them outright for remote work, that is not always the easiest strategy for keeping a green friend at a desk. For those who aren't so inclined, TikTok user @chrisxia0 has found a solution that may end these problems. 

Commenters had some interesting insights on this video. Cara replied, "OMGGGG I was a little worried at first but it’s amazing." "It's giving the lorax trees with disco mode," mentioned Tomioka Giyu. xoxotricky noted, "GREAT. ANOTHER LED LIGHT I DONT NEED BUT IM GOING TO GET ANYWAY."

I love this idea for someone who wants some original color in their space but doesn't have the inclination to garden or the natural light to help things grow. The changing colors is a really cool touch and makes this a potentially unique gift.