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Career Coach Shares Mistake Many People Make on LinkedIn

Odds are good you're doing it too.

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Many of us rely on LinkedIn to boost our careers, but what some of us don't realize is that we may be using it wrong. This platform helps us expand our professional networks and find new career opportunities if we use it the right way. And yes, there is a right way.

Career coach J.T O'Donnell (@j.t.odonnell) posted a TikTok sharing common mistakes people make when setting up their LinkedIn profiles. Take notes if you want to make big career moves in 2023.

As O'Donnell stated, LinkedIn is not the platform to be flashy and braggy. Recruiters and hiring managers don't care for content that may come across as narcissistic and desperate. Leave that attitude for Instagram and TikTok.

O'Donnell suggests that instead, you should create an easy-to-view profile that is driven by keywords that maximized LinkedIn's algorithm so that you have a better chance of being discovered. She said you can also increase your chances of getting noticed by engaging with other users and posting appropriate content.

She also urges viewers to review their LinkedIn profiles if they have not done so in a while.

Viewers chimed in with their agreement. "So right. I revamped my profile and got 15 interviews over 45 days," @jerry_tacoma wrote in the comments section under this video. "People are starting to use linked in like it’s Facebook. Too many posts and arguments," @mikep240 pointed out. "I got my current job through LinkedIn!" @ilariacvc shared.

This platform can do some serious wonders for your career growth if you use it the right way. Head over to your profile and give it a makeover, keeping O'Donnell's tips in mind.