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This Easy Do-It-Yourself Ambience Hack For the Living Room Will Make Your Jaw Drop

You are one simple trick away from completely transforming the mood-lighting in your living room. This video will show you what to do and you will be stunned at how effortless it is.

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If you're like most people, your living room is a nice, relaxing place to be. It's not stellar from a design perspective, but it's got a comfortable place to sit, recline or lie down and it's probably got a TV to stream shows or movies on or with which to do some gaming.

But how much thought have you given to the lighting? Probably not much beyond whether it's sufficiently light during the day and comfortably dim in the evenings.

But what if you found out that one simple trick could turn the ambience in your living room up to 11? That it would just knock the lighting out of the park?

In this video, TikTok user @thefauxmaven shows us one dramatic transformation in its glorious simplicity.

Pretty wild, isn't it? It helps that the living room in the video is spacious and nice to begin with, but that particular change could be done in any living room without much investment or work at all. 

This is the Philips Hue light strip. It's a great product. You can cut strips down or join a couple up to achieve the length you need for really any purpose.

Also, you can control them from your smart phone by downloading an App and following simple instructions. You can adjust brightness and choose from literally any color in the spectrum. 

The strips are flexible and easy to work with. Note that one thing you will need to think about ahead of time is locating an inconspicuous place to plug it into the wall.