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Low-Angle iPhone Trick Promises to Result in Better Photos

It's worth a shot for sure!

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Taking good photos with your iPhone is truly an art form. But it can be taught even to the worst photographers. There are lots of neat tips and tricks that can help you get the best shots. Some of them are unconventional and may even seem silly, but you need to trust the process.

Photographer and TikTok creator Dave Constine (@dave_constine) shared one of these tricks in a recent TikTok. If you're hopeless at taking photos, you might want to give this one a shot.

This is so cool and easy to recreate! The first thing you want to do, as explained by Constine, is to turn your iPhone upside down. Weird, we know, but just try it out. It'll give you the low angle you'll need to take your photo to the next level.

Then pour some water onto the ground in front of the camera to get a reflective effect. It'll make the photo so much more interesting.

"Love this idea!" TikTok user @divergentdesignsbyldr wrote in the comments section under the video. "Best trick easy and nice results," @socal_whip672 said.

Some commenters also suggested using a mirror instead of water to create the reflective effect. Genius!

This just goes to show that anyone can take great photos as long as they have some creativity and are willing to experiment with different angles. Try this out the next time you and your friends have a photoshoot.