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Luxury Spaceship To Be Lifted By Balloon Gives Space Tourists a New and 'Leisurely' Option

Its name is Spaceship Neptune and it is billed as the first carbon-neutral way to space.

A new way to experience the edge of space is being offered to tourists and is scheduled to be in action by late 2024. Spaceship Neptune will be lifted by Space Perspective's trademarked SpaceBalloon technology and will take passengers 20 miles high in what the company calls a leisurely 6-hour trip. The below video explains everything you need to know.


Posted by @thegalacticgal, the clip engages viewers on the idea of seeing the curvature of Earth in an entirely different way.

"Only $100,000 per ticket!" writes commenter @somecottagecheese.

"Better than the $500k like Blue Origin," replies @thegalacticgal.

More specifically, the cost is $125,000 and is taking downpayments of $1,000 that can be booked online.

"All fun and games until that balloon pops," suggests @itsmemphiz.

"Yup, definitely want to do this," affirms a more optimistic @thespacegal.

On board, there are many huge windows to take in the view, including one in the restroom.

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"A window in the bathroom," notes @my.pup.named.boss. "Someone's going to moon the Earth."

"I would absolutely ride in this," writes @fadurian. "I love the interior, it looks futuristic. Of course, I’ll have to wait until it doesn’t cost the price of a house."

"Will you experience microgravity?" asks @unavailable_all_the_time.

Uploader of the video @thegalacticgal provides the answer, saying "Unfortunately, no."

"I'll be tempted to open the doors in that spaceship," imagines @sickobruh.

"Okay," announces @drstickyfinger. "I know what I want for my birthday now."

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