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Uber Passenger's Hilarious Reaction Confusing Ceiling Lights For Cops Cracks People Up

"I love when you can have a genuine laugh with a stranger," comments a viewer of the video.

A passenger gets a ride in a New York City Uber and is seated comfortably in the back of the car. Suddenly, colorful lights light up inside the vehicle and the passenger doesn't know what to make of it. He seems a bit concerned about what it might be and they both get a chuckle when they realize the source of the confusion.

Posted to TikTok by user @bryangotskills, the video below shows the lights, the confusion and the misunderstanding. Note there is a little adult language here during the surprise and laughter.


"You should have said, 'yeah, but I'm not stopping,'" jokes commenter @wagnermatos89.

"That would have been funny," agrees @official.bobsmokey.

"He knows the rules," writes @youngwolf92, "Don't look back."

"I would laugh all the way home," says @marvi_marvelous.

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User @arcticamber enjoys the moment, remarking, "I love when you can have a genuine laugh with a stranger."

"He should have told him to be quiet and then start speeding up," suggests @domikoloni.

Viewer of the video @ethixmusic surmises about a similar approach. "I would have replied with, 'Are you buckled in? Hold on!'" he says.

Reader @yura88_ sums it up like this: "I like the good vibes," she says.

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