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This Is What The New MacBook Air Looks Like Right Out Of The Box

Enjoy the brief, vicarious hit of glee as you watch a MacBook come out of the box without spending a grand.
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Like us, you probably really want that new MacBook Air, but it’s just not in the budgetary cards right now.

It stinks, we get it. The most Apple tech we’ve personally owned are just about all of the cheapest mobile tech options they offer.

So, perhaps it will be as satisfying for you as it is for us to see what unboxing a brand-new, 2022 MacBook Air is like. We’re particularly into the new charging cable.


Did you catch that the cable is braided now? Not only do we get MagSafe charging back, but we get a gorgeous threaded charging cable with it.

Thanks to PhoneBuff who posted this TikTok, we can now see the new MacBook Air’s differences from the previous model in detail. The completely level, flat design of the recent MacBook Pro revisions is brought over now most notably.

We also get the notched FaceTime camera for a slightly larger display size overall, and the new-and-improved keyboard with Touch ID included.

The biggest improvement that you won’t see is the new M2 processor, designed in-house by Apple. It’s 18- to- 32% faster than its predecessor in a range of examples, and it maintains the laptop’s 18-hour battery life.

All-in-all, it’s a better computer than the 2020 MacBook Air. However, it’s not quite so much better as to generate FOMO if you can’t quite afford the latest model. With the 2020 MacBook Air, you still get Apple processors, 18-hour battery life, and a gorgeous screen.

Our favorite reaction to the unboxing? “Can you play The Sims on it though?”

Yes, we’re pretty sure it can handle The Sims.