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Simple MacBook Hack for iPhones Is a Major Game-Changer

Apparently the latest iOS update introduced this.

We spend a good amount of time and effort in our coverage of product advancements, especially when it comes to Apple. Every few months, some new wrinkle or clever feature comes out with an update or launch, and we can just report on it and somewhat marvel at the results. I'm sure many customers join the media and analysts who simply shake their heads and ask, "What will they think of next?"

Operating system updates on devices like cell phones usually mean updating some security issues, resolving some bug found in daily usage, or changing something internally that most users will never notice. Big updates, like the rollout of next-generation OS, bring major fanfare and often provide users with some new abilities to discover. As TikTok user @emgsh has found, there's now a cool way for iPhone users to link up with another favorite Apple product with a pretty spectacular result. 

By the looks of this video, this could be a major game-changer for folks who produce content. Most television news reports feature stand-up segments in a video package, as do most YouTube videos as well. For those doing either (along with many other video-related projects and positions) by themselves or without much help, this makes shooting these stand-up segments a lot easier.  

Commenters really appreciate this new way to connect devices. Maven asked, "I’ve been looking how to do this for YEARS how did you manage to pull it off?". "I bought an adaptor for usb so I could have connected my ip to my MacBook so now it’s basically useless," vented Susanna. Heather Marie inquired, "Can you also mirror on an iPad?"

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