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Video Shows How Disney 'Magic Bands' Can Control the Christmas Tree

Add a Little Holiday "Magic" to Your Celebration

The holidays are here and that means time for all those traditions we associate with the last weeks of the year. Some we look forward to, some we dread, and some, like hanging lights or decorating the house, are a mix of both. We have seen technology do quite a bit to revolutionize the way we celebrate, from smart devices to outside projections that gives us a bit merrier for all the effort.

There are some families whose holiday traditions revolve around traveling, with Walt Disney World a popular destination to celebrate (and get away from the cold). However, things are expensive now at the parks, and families change their plans as kids get older. For those who want to add some Disney magic to their home traditions, Instagram user @allearsnet has a pretty cool way to use keepsakes from old trips.

Commenters brought up some interesting discussions regarding this device. coach.thom wondered, "Love these but not sure how they are allowed since they use copyrighted images and sounds." "They’re the best! I have 2!!!" claimed dondarrylrivera. alejandrobenito94 insisted, "No thx, I spend enough money when I’m at Disney."

For those who keep their Magic Bands from previous visits (might as well since they're not free anymore), this is a great way to integrate them into the holidays. Combining them with a playlist of ride videos or watching a park stream might make it almost feel like a special day at Walt Disney World, without all the crowds and expensive food. 

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