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Magic Or Physics? Floating Backpack Reduces Weight On Your Shoulders

HoverGlide's backpack is said to reduce impact forces of walking or running by up to 86%.

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A floating backpack made by HoverGlide significantly reduces the weight on your shoulders while walking or running. Originally designed for Special Operation Forces, the backpack stays at the same height relative to the ground while your body moves, making it look like it's magically floating. 

Check it out in this video posted by TikTok user @futur3ology.


When Dr. Lawrence Rome, a biology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, was asked by the Office of Naval Research to lessen the weight soldiers carry, he came up with Suspended Load Technology (SLT). This involves a backpack moving up and down on the back of someone walking or running, keeping the it at a constant height in relation to the ground.

"It looks like magic or computer generated imagery, but it’s science," HoverGlide says on its Web site.

While standing still, a 50-pound load in your backpack exerts 50 pounds of force. This changes when you walk or run, where the peak force exerted on you can be up to three times the weight you are carrying.

"Suddenly a 50-pound pack can put as much force on the body and joints as if it weighed 150 pounds," HoverGlide says. "With the movement of SLT, this additional force over and above the static weight can be reduced by as much as 86%."

HoverGlide also says its product has "gone through scientific and durability testing to ensure it's incredibly effective while also tough enough to withstand the needs of the United States military."

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