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Wildly Out-Of-Control Mail Truck Video Is Hilarious And Viewers Have Opinions

This must have been on a Monday.

This mail delivery man's daily routine took a turn for the worse. Literally, not figuratively.

Security camera footage caught the moment and TikTok user @fjerry shares the video that has the Internet talking.


"So much happened in .10 seconds," writes a commenter. 

One video viewer asked, "Did he just run over himself?? Skillsssssss."

"This was a Monday for sure," noted a user.

A commenter surmises, "This will be played at the safety meetings forever."

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"The truck dropped him off mid-delivery like it had something else to do," says another.

Probably true: "Nobody would have believed his story if it wasn’t on video."

The best summary of the incident is probably this one: "That vehicle went postal."

Indeed it did. Wowza. We're just glad the man seems okay and wasn't seriously hurt.

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