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People Crack Up In This Video As Man Impossibly Fits Into Tiny Truck For Kids and Zooms Off

This is a hilarious series of events.

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A man in a parking lot scrunches himself into this super small go-cart and takes off onto the street. The people filming laugh hysterically as they watch him in this TikTok video posted by @overtime


"Bro that thing took off," says one commenter.

Another observes, "The struggle is real."

"Wait, why is that actually cool? I want one," writes a viewer of the video.

A user notes, "With everything going up in price, could you blame him?"

"If it goes that fast with a grown man in there then imagine a child in there," remarks another.

Another viewer writes, "He is zooming, though."

The mini-vehicle is definitely moving at a good clip when it gets on the road.

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