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Man Flies Over Formula 1 Race In Strange Jetpack, Steals The Show

Check out this weird-looking jetpack with which a guy flew overhead of a Formula 1 race.

Here’s one to file into the “You Don’t See That Every Day” folder: a man flying overhead of a Formula 1 race on a jetpack.

That’s what’s detailed below in what might be the most insane thing we’ve ever seen on TikTok — just watch how fast the thing is.


Posted by the ESPN TikTok account, the video shows a man flying on what appears to either be a flying platform or a jetpack with a stand.

There isn’t much more detail to glean from this strange clip of video, unfortunately. Luckily, the internet’s responses are golden.

“Nah that’s Green Goblin,” one viewer joked.

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On a related note, another viewer said, “You’ll never catch me, Spider-Man.”

“Bro was in creative mode,” another viewer said, referencing Minecraft.

“Bro playing Jetpack Joyride v2.0,” another viewer jokingly said.

“This is going to be a Red Bull thing,” another viewer stated, likely as a joke that has incredible likelihood of actually happening.

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