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Man Riding Lawn Mower On Slope Suffers Crazy Incident and People Are Talking

This seems to have triggered a discussion about they physics of counterweight.

A man cutting grass on a slope above a road hilariously miscalculates a bit. Watch this TikTok Video, posted by user @car.aoke1, for the revealing piece of the episode. 


"Man knows nothing about counterweight," writes one commenter.

"He should have been sitting high side," agrees another.

Another surmises about the alternative endings this could have had: "This could have gone completely wrong."

"What the hell did he think would happen?" asks a viewer of the video.

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"You're leaning the wrong way, there buddy," advises another.

Another user expresses dismay of another sort: "I'm surprised he made it that far," he writes.

Well, yes, we must admit it's far too easy to imagine ways this could have gone terribly worse. So we're glad it was just a good, solid wipeout.

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