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Man Shares the Truth About What 'Airplane Mode' Actually Does

It's highly complex.

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If you don't switch your phone to airplane mode while you're on a flight, you might cause your plane to lose its signals and crash.

Just kidding.

While this may be the reason that many people frantically make sure they've switched to airplane mode before their flights take off, its real purpose is not that serious.

TikTok creator @carterpcs recently posted a video explaining it this perfectly. Though, not going to lie, he had us in the first half.

As this creator explained, airplane mode does not turn off the "electromagnetic fields of your phone" so that it doesn't interact with the plane and cause "the artificial cruise control and stabilization of the plane to capsize," saving it from crashing. It just makes sure your phone signal don't interfere with the plane's navigation. Your plane won't crash if you forget to turn airplane mode on, but you should do it regardless.

"Not going to lie, the real reason is disappointing," TikTok user @certifiedytboy7 wrote under the comments section of this video. 

Yeah, it's kind of a bummer, but I'm glad the chances that I'll be responsible for a plane crash are slim.