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Man Woken Up By Haunting Message Amazon's Alexa Randomly 'Said' In Middle of Night

"I'm scared to use that any more," remarks a commenter.

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A man appears to be sleeping in a dark room at night when he is startled awake by his Amazon Echo device saying some very strange things. He grabs his phone and records it to share with the world, then calls it a "scary" way to wake up. 

Posted by TikTok user @tocamzo, check out what Alexa tells him in this creepy video.


"I'm scared to use that anymore," writes commenter @rockin8862.

"I will never have one of those devices in my house," says @stanleydoepker. "The cell phone is bad enough."

"Wake up, wake up, I would like to tell you about your extended car warranty," jokes video viewer @pepsicollector offering an idea about something else Alexa could be saying.

"I have no words," says user @oo_moon_xx. "Mine has been lighting up but not saying anything."

"Sounds like she is talking about the rapture," writes @thewatcher43.

Commenter @justina19830 says, "My Alexa device makes random witch laughs at random times including in the middle of the night while sleeping."

To which @tocamzo replies, "That would probably be when I throw it away."

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