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Video of Grogu and Mandalorian Debut at Disneyland Has Us Intrigued

Imagineering went all-out with this!

Over the past few years, we have seen a major shift in one of America's oldest and most beloved entertainment companies. Disney has invested heavily in their streaming services, especially their flagship Disney Plus, which has spent billions of dollars on new series and been a destination for movie premieres. While the service has brought in millions of subscribers, which helped the company navigate the chaos of the early pandemic in which the parks had to close, losses are piling up and the company has replaced beleaguered CEO Bob Chapek with former CEO Bob Iger. 

If there has been one breakout star on Disney Plus' programming, it likely is The Mandalorian, a Star Wars spinoff series that feels like more like a traditional Western set in space. Fans can't wait for the next episode of Din Djarin's adventures with characters new and familiar, especially his little green sidekick Grogu. YouTube user @WDWNT saw the two made their debut at Disneyland on November 17th to ecstatic praise.

Bringing out the two most popular characters outside the trilogies for "Life Day" is a brilliant move by Disney while acknowledging a controversial piece of original canon. It looks like Grogu in the pouch is an advanced animatronic, controlled either by Din or remotely. 

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Commenters are very excited to see these new arrivals to Disneyland. "I was there in the initial crowd of people waiting for him to come out, absolutely insane," reported HarwickBranchLine. Tony Moore asserted, "This is going to push Disney to keep changing Galaxy's Edge, which is good." "Hoping this comes to WDW [Walt Disney World in Florida] soon!" mentioned Amy. 

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