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Woman's Trick to Ensure 'Microsoft Teams' Doesn't Show Her As 'Away' Is Priceless

Anyone who uses Teams will totally understand.

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We've seen a shift towards working from home over the last few years. Many companies still don't ask employees to come into the office every day as they have in decades past. New technology allows people more flexibility in their work schedules, which has created opportunities for more work-life balance (not to mention getting more sleep with the elimination of commutes!)

The one major downside of remote work is the ways and lengths companies have gone to make sure employees are being productive while out of their physical oversight. Management apps like Microsoft Teams keep track of activity, going to "away" if nothing happens for five minutes. However, TikTok user @saraaawright has a very clever solution for those who may need a midday snooze. This "workaround" is a game-changer!

Unsurprisingly, this novel approach has a lot of support. "Just taking notes from the comments because I'm tired of clicking the keyboard every 5min," @georgi2122 remarked. @ceightlin replied, "omg the nail polish trick is EXACTLY what i do." Even Microsoft 365 (yeah, they got a TikTok account too) wrote, "gotta do what you gotta do". 

But wait, this isn't a universal solution. Not everyone wears nail polish. The cool part of this comment section, as we've seen with many discussions or remote or hybrid work, is how much people are willing to help each other by offering solutions and suggestions to a common dilemma. We encourage our readers to keep working together, keep sharing advice with each other, to help make a better future for us all.