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F-22 Raptor Plays With Gravity and Mesmerizing Video Is Blowing People's Minds

"Most awesome aircraft in the sky," asserts an observer.

An F-22 Raptor is seen climbing nearly vertically in the daytime sky. It suddenly slows its aggressive ascent to a mid-air stop, and then falls backwards toward the ground before gracefully exiting its mesmerizing plunge. The spectacle astonishes viewers and can be witnessed in the video below.


Uploaded by TikTok user @damion_bailey, the clip encourages thoughts and opinions from viewers.

"Yeah, let's just throw physics out the window," writes commenter @aly_allam.

"Most awesome aircraft in the sky," observes @gwx60.

"Absolutely amazing," says @stigaviation.

"The Raptor (F-22 for anyone who doesn’t know) is a beast with thrust vectoring," explains @0utiaw06. "I can’t wait until 2050 or 2035 when they might declassify the Raptor."

"Yeah, gravity doesn't apply to the Raptor," notes @gkoperczak.

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"There's a reason this aircraft has been banned by Congress to be sold to any other country," remarks @zesphynx. "It is America's premier air superiority fighter."

"That jet is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in real life," praises @lupiarelatednonsense.

"I think he just moonwalked a jet," surmises @buttercorn12097.

"Don't mess with physics, you'll lose," proclaims Unless you're an F-22."

Viewer of the video has a good way to summarize the astonishing demonstration. "Art in motion," the user says. "Beautiful."

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