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Video: F-16 Fighting Falcon Jet Aircraft Roars By and Severely Low Pass Stirs Controversy

The video creator asks viewers how low they think this aircraft was.

Off in the distance, an F-16 Fighting Falcon can be seen coming into view and zooming straight toward the filmer of the video. As the fighter jet comes near and its exhilarating sound becomes thrillingly intense, the aircraft appears to be at a dangerously low altitude. Check it out and see how low you think it gets.


Uploaded by TikTok user @_foxtwo, the clip is the subject of some controversy among viewers. "How low do you think this was?" is the question asked.

"Court-martial low," suggests commenter @weyacht.

"Agreed," remarks @gammills08. "I'm surprised they didn't get hurt."

"I woke my wife up laughing at this," answers @scottfarkis. "Thank you, sir."

"Nonetheless fun," says @goodknight2007. "I did the same thing albeit in a Cobra three feet off the ground at 133 knots along the beaches on the East Coast."

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"Only a court-martial under certain conditions," offers @engineercsm. "One, you don't request a fly-by and two, the pattern must not be full."

Video viewer @just.aaron.londini has a different way of putting it. "That's I-am-ready-to-meet-Jesus low," he writes.

According to Air Force Magazine, "The F-16 entered Air Force service in 1978 but has been modified over the years with more powerful engines, radars, self-protection systems, and nearly every munition the Air Force fields."

"With upgrades," the magazine continues, "F-16s can serve as a numbers-builder in the combat air forces until the 2040s, and it’s not necessary to launch its successor yet."

“We anticipate hundreds of F-16s in active service for decades to come,” meaning into the 2040s, Col. Tim Bailey, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s F-16 program manager, said in a press conference at the Life Cycle Industry Days.

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