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Watch F-18 Fighter Jet Take Off From Aircraft Carrier and More From Enlisted Side of Naval Aviation

"Better than most Navy commercials right here!" exclaims a viewer of the video.

A video that shows the "enlisted side of naval aviation" gives viewers a different and entertaining perspective of life onboard an aircraft carrier. Generally, what is seen is the majestic novelty of modern warfare aircraft zooming into the sky, or the sophisticated technology behind the enterprise. From this viewpoint, we see an inspiring and fun presentation that shows what goes on behind the scenes and it's a treat to watch (including the dolphins). Check out the video below.


Uploaded by TikTok user @nilyakllig, the clip elicits some reaction from the comments section.

"Better than most Navy commercials right here!" exclaims commenter @jameslukkypowell.

"My grandpa always tells me about the dolphins when he was in the navy," writes @morgankevans.

"That was my dad!" observes @natalie.elizab. "He didn't fly the planes, but he was an integral part to the team."

"Same with mine," agrees @emilywebster459. "He was an aircraft mechanic."

"Enlisted are the backbone of the Navy," writes @worldtraveler48.

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"Without, those planes don't fly!" says @nurselorie97. "Thank you for your service."

"The REAL ones!" @trulyexclusive1 proclaims. "You guys and gals make it all possible."

"My dad was on the Enterprise so long ago," notes @lilbitbritt. "Always had interest in this because of him!"

"People think this is all glorious," notes @mamahaleaz, with a dose of sobriety. "It's hard work on all accounts."

"Enlisted side is the best side!" recalls @bmaree1988. "Especially working on the flight deck. I miss it so much."

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