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F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet Captured On Wild Video In Acrobatic Pedal Turn

"Wow!" exclaims a commenter. "It fools the eyes. How are those moves even possible?!"

An F-35 Lightning II fighter jet is seen performing acrobatic maneuvers in the sky and a talented videographer is able to zoom in and skillfully keep the aircraft in the screen. In the video below, the capabilities of the aircraft are demonstrated, including an extraordinary pedal turn.


The video, posted by @mitchandrewsphotos, opens up some discussion in the comments section.

"Wow!" exclaims commenter @simonfarrantauthor. "It fools the eyes. How are those moves even possible?! Great camera work."

"That's so damn impressive," writes @jackypitcher. "What a machine."

"Not many people realize how much time effort and money it takes to film these things," acknowledges @reindeernation.

"I never realized how hard it would be to get steady footage of this," agrees @mitchandrewsphotos. "Trying to smoothly track these things at 600mm is hard, LOL."

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"Good work, cameraman, good work," congratulates @peterzateyev.

"The AOA (angle of attack) that thing can pull is insane," notes @constantlyhorknee. "People misunderstand how capable the Lightning is. Most powerful engine in a fighter aircraft. Ever."

"Pretty impressive," writes @jew_boi_69. "When you consider it doesn't have the thrust vectoring capabilities of an F-22."

"The way it just changes direction like that," sums up @jamesbyrne64. "So cool!"

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