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Hear the Breathtaking Sound Of Electrifying F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet Demonstrating Radius Turn

Viewers are thankful the creator of this video did not obscure the sound with a music overlay.

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We see and hear an F-35 Lightning II fighter jet approaching as it is about to demonstrate a combat radius turn. The first thing we notice about this video is there is no background music covering up the awesome sound of the aircraft. That allows us to marvel at both the sight and the sound of the jet performing the maneuver. Check it out for yourself in the video below.


Posted to TikTok by @txaviationimages, the clip understandably elicits responses from commenters.

"That's a turn inside the fence," writes commenter @glennpierce1."Who says the F-35 isn't maneuverable?"

"I love watching the F-22 do a radius," beams @brownvatoeverday. "But this is pretty awesome, too."

"Probably the loudest fighter jet in our military," suggests @tictoktonton.

"It's definitely loud," agrees @conman100. "The F-22 is pretty loud, too."

"Yes," says @lutefiskfumes. "When an F35 did a pass at my local air show, my chest was rumbling from the engine."

User @vortex_lettuce adds a thought about the g-force involved in the maneuver. "Had to peel that guy out of his seat after that," he surmises.

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