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Video: F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet Shows Off Combat Radius Turn At Texas Air Show

"Wow!" exclaims a viewer of the video. "That 360 degree turn was inside the airfield!"

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Crowds assemble at an airfield in Laredo, Texas. On the docket for the day is an air show, and spectators are looking to enjoy the festive atmosphere and to see some modern military aircraft demonstrate the extraordinary capabilities of the planes. They know they are in for a treat when the F-35 Lightning II shows up to entertain the gathered audience, in part by executing a combat radius turn. Check it out in the below video.


Uploaded by TikTok user @txaviationimages, the clip provides commenters with a forum for opinions.

"Wow!" exclaims commenter @aaronparker99. "That 360 degree turn was inside the airfield!"

"That is not your average pilot," writes @goob1981.

"It's a she," says @freedommerchant. "Major 'Beo' Wolfe is the current demo pilot."

"Just watched her fly at EAA July 28 and she was amazing," remarks @redeyefruitfly. "It was showtime!"

"F-35 is far easier to fly than normal airplanes," explains @steinrik. "But this is a 360 degree turn making the pilot weigh 9 times normal weight, plus it's really hard to breathe!"

"Never understood why they play music at an airshow," confesses @cuomo6590.

"They always have to put speakers along the whole flight line," notes @flyguy1903. "If only they knew we are there for the jet noise."

"I don't know why, but a jet engine on afterburner is one of the best sounds in the world for me," proclaims @user4283086732818. "Gives me goosebumps."

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