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Fighter Jet Lands On US Navy Aircraft Carrier and Video Reveals the Technology In Action

"I never knew about the lights," writes a viewer of the video. "Cool!"

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A fighter jet is seen making a descent over water toward the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier for an imminent landing. As the aircraft approaches the landing strip, a number of tasks are performed and pieces fall into place, one by one, to ensure the landing will be successful. But we don't necessarily see them without knowing a bit about what's going on in the background. Watch the video below to see some of the intriguing technology and processes in support of the exercise.


"Never knew about the lights," writes commenter @robmorin1. "Cool!"

"There are actually a lot of lights they use," says @henstick2. "That's just a basic one."

"Lights are in all the airports," adds @eztktk. "Not only carriers."

"We need to talk about how a line stops a jet!" exclaims @user697855488.

"Super strong steel cable," notes @batcountry101. "And powered with hydraulics."

Video viewer @elh447 explains it in his own way like this: "The cable is attached to two reels with enlarged belts," he says. "They have shafts attached to rotors that position in opposite directions placed on a spole."

Reader @u5er69420 isn't convinced. "I wouldn't get on that plane if you pay me," he says.

"I used to work on the flight deck!" writes @bertamurda. "Ah, I miss it. Go Navy!"

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