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Video: US Navy E-2 Hawkeye Attempts Aircraft Carrier Landing But Cable Snaps and Pilot Reacts

The tailhook is down but the arresting cable does not hold it.

A U.S. Navy E-2 Hawkeye aircraft is seen attempting to touch down on a carrier at sea. The effort appears to be proceeding as expected as the tailhook is down and the landing looks good. As the arresting cable begins to slow the aircraft down, however, it suddenly snaps and a very scary emergency is thrust upon the pilot. See what happens in the video below.


Posted by @thepersonudontknowyet, the clip provides some fodder for comments on the Internet.

"Bad line, good pilot," writes commenter @evrhett.

"If anyone is confused, when planes or jets land on carriers it's required for them to go full throttle when hooked just in case that happens," explains @ps_rippum. "So they can recover easier."

"He did that," replies @zaideykunquandeldingle. "The cable slowed him down too, and it was a lost stop, but it was loose, making him go over."

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"Yeah, I know," continues @ps_rippum. "I commented that for the people wondering how they can avoid it."

"Full mixture props and throttle, gear up flaps up, don’t stall, that’s the gist of it," writes @dr_aviator_md.

Video viewer @quotes_to_remeber sums it up with this: "Give that man a promotion," he says.

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