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Slo-Mo Video: US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet Fighter Jet Lands On Aircraft Carrier And Readers React

"One of the best things to see on the planet," writes a commenter.

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An F/A-18 Fighter Jet swoops in for a sweet landing on an aircraft carrier. Viewers watch in awe as the beautiful spectacle appears before their eyes. It's a solid slow motion video that offers a perspective that captures a moment many of us wish we could see. Only aircraft carrier crew really know what it's like to see the gripping action in person. Watch the video below.


Uploaded by @pilotwife3, this clip evokes some reactions from viewers.

"One of the best things to see on the planet," writes commenter @mamapeper7. "I would love to see it in person.

"Accuracy and precision!" exclaims @biker149. "Hell yeah!"

"This is some mad skills," says @jcn575.

"Threading the needle," notes @zoomzoom6620. He seems to note the tailhook grabbing the cable.

User @blairoo1 has a word of gratitude. "Thank you for sharing such cool glimpses of our aviators at work!" he says.

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