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Minds Blown As Webb Telescope Images Vs. Hubble's Are Compared On Interactive App

"This just made my whole day about a billion times better," writes the creator of the video.

When NASA's Hubble telescope was launched in 1993, it was an important advancement in the ability of earthlings to gather the best images so far of deep space. Then, earlier this month, the first images from the new James Webb Space Telescope were released and these became the best and clearest deep space images we've ever seen.

Well, a new Website has an interactive app that let's users compare both telescopes' images of the same objects and the difference is blowing people's minds. The video below demonstrates the advancement in technology and it's well worth checking out.


The video, posted to TikTok by user and space expert @thegalacticgal, shows how the app at allows users to explore the differences in the images themselves.

"We still love you, Hubble," writes commenter @mjlx13.

"OMG," exclaims @matshpande. "Cool!"

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User @kylehaidet explains another difference in the technology between the two telescopes: the time consumed to take them. "JWST also took these photos using only a very tiny fraction of the time Hubble took to take the same ones," he explains. "Hubble took around 22 days. JWST took 12.5 hours."

"The next mission is more fun," says @gijomijo, "because it will actually look for planes that are similar to Earth."

User @adams_fishing_channel_yt isn't satisfied yet. "Show the aliens!" he says.

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