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Minecraft Expert Shows 3 Modifications That Should Be In the Game and Players React

"If I owned Minecraft," writes a viewer of the video, "I would just hire the mod creators."

Gamers that love to build in Minecraft are usually passionate and enthusiastic about their projects. When experts weigh in about modifications they'd like to see, it tends to trigger a lot of reaction and debate. As users explore deserts, bayous, frozen tundra and other landscapes, their adventures are always threatened by the sudden onset of danger.

Posted by TikTok user @mcmodshowcase, the video below captures and explains three cool mods that "should be in the game."


"If I owned Minecraft," writes commenter @elitistbeet, "I would just hire the mod creators."

"OK, hear me out," says @l1ghtn1ng23. "I don't think we need new armour that is better then netherite at the moment."

User @sussybukauwwu remarks, "If all villages and structures and stuff were spectacular, the game would be ruined."

"Immersive portals would be better and also would just look way cooler," claims @thepersoninmypfp.

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"Can you do more?" asks @jerry14223. "I want a world that’s kind of normal but a lot better with simple mods, not like orespawn."

"The problem about why they are not adding this fancy stuff to the game is because people can get too many free items from buildings," writes @driopolos. "Big fancy buildings equal free blocks."

"Oh, I really wanted a horizontal portal," asserts @cerchiaro_a. "I didn't know about this mod. Thank you!"

Gamer @exotbwov has a simple request: "The only thing I ask for is a backpack," he writes.

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