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We're all familiar with the moment of angst when a game is about to start and suddenly the remote control is nowhere to be found. But we found a Dad on TikTok that has offered free advice for television manufacturers to solve the problem. "Please invent this," he says.

DudeDad calls it his "billion dollar idea."

"I have a billion dollar idea and I'm giving it away for free," he says in the video.

The solution, DudeDad explains, would be for a simple button on the bottom of the television that, when pressed, would send a signal to the remote control to make a beeping noise. The activated sound would be a surefire way to find the missing control mechanism.

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In theory, this would be an end to searching through couch cushions in search of the lost device. 

Photo credit: IMAGO / YAY images

Photo credit: IMAGO / YAY images

If such a button were available on the television, he says, "I wouldn't then have to tear apart the whole house to find the remote."

So now let's see if the manufacturers are paying attention. It seems like a great solution so far, if they are listening to their customers' advice. 

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