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Daughter Adds Her Voice to Mom's 'Waze' App and It's Priceless

What a totally epic move on her part.

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Cell phones have become a focal point of our lives as they handle so many different tasks and aid us throughout our days. While the Apple versus Android battles continue to rage, there seems to be one major area where even iPhone zealots will admit their devices lack: no one likes using Apple Maps. Whether it is driving in unknown areas or taking mass transit in cities, iPhone users constantly seek out better options to improve their experience - or at least not get so lost. 

Many longtime iPhone owners use Waze as a GPS navigation system to get around, preferring this app to Apple Maps. Waze uses input from other drivers to alert for accidents, speed traps, and other circumstances that may affect getting somewhere. Also, as TikTok user @annakateparham shows us, the app has tremendous flexibility for personalization. 

Comments on this video show others love personalizing alerts on this app. "My favorite Waze feature lol I drunk recorded mine a few years ago after I couldn’t find Cookie Monster anymore and it makes road trips so fun," reported Carla Garber Freeman. thezunmakes noted, "I would have done 'whoop whoop, that’s the sound of the police… ahead.'" "I’m doing this to my 16-year-old. The possibilities are endless," claimed sedonablazer.

This is a hilarious and really clever way to personalize a frequently used app, without putting a loved one in potential danger. While I prefer to use Google Maps, I do wish I could personalize the app as well, or at least teach the AI voice how to properly pronounce some location names (or at least which syllables to emphasize).