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Motorcycle Collides Into Car At High Speed and Something Remarkable Happens

A video shows "when you’re just trying to freestyle some Hannah Montana then get into a hit-and-run," writes the creator of the clip.

A dashcam on a car cruising in the car pool lane captures the moment when a motorcyclist changed two lanes without looking over his shoulder.

You can see for yourself what happened in this video posted by TikTok user @iiisabellaaa333.


The creator of the video has provided an update: "He was found and given a criminal citation for the hit-and-run and a citation for unsafe lane change," writes the creator of the video. 

We find the balance technology on the motorcycle remarkable and we're glad nothing catastrophic happened. In a way, surviving this with only getting a citation may have been about the best possible outcome.

"He didn't even look," a commenter says.

"Gotta look twice because a motorcyclist won’t look once," writes another.

"Y’all mad bc she’s screaming. It’s a natural response, she was scared," explains a user. "It’s not like she swerved and made it worse."

Another surmises that "Bikers be like, 'cars never watch out for us.'"

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"I’m a biker and the bike was 100% in the wrong!" writes an observer of the incident. "Gotta look over your shoulder when crossing each lane."

"You're lucky you had that dashcam cuz he would have put blame on you," says a reader.

One person declares, "That guy in the bike needs his license taken away."

"You know that guy is gonna go home and write a long facebook post about how bikers have it hard and say you cut him off," predicts a user.

One more has a question: "I know you are in the right here and he shouldn’t have changed lanes there, but is he not in your field of view? Is slowing down not an option?"

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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