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NASA Has Reportedly Just Discovered a 'Second Earth'

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The epic type of scientific discovery that's inspired scientists, science fiction writers and Hollywood types alike is now upon us. Another Earth has been discovered. Yes, you read that correctly. No, we didn't believe it either at first. Another Earth (which just so happens to be the title of a Sci-fi movie about this exact situation) was recently discovered by NASA. 

We can't help but marvel at all the possibilities, for better or worse, that a second Earth could bring us: more Sci-fi movies, a less polluted planet for us to potentially inhabit (and hopefully not pollute as much as this one) and, best of all - a second chance in what would be both literally and figuratively a whole new world for us. But perhaps the most tantalizing question burning its way through our minds - Are we still alone in the universe? Does a second Earth include Alien life forms? TikTok user @the.australian breaks down this reality altering discovery... 

Even at 100 light years away, another planet with similar, potentially life sustaining conditions as Earth is a fascinating discovery (Alien life forms or not - and who knows - they could be there, we can hope?...Or is that something we should fear...?) If all we gain from this discovery is an opportunity for scientists to gain a greater understanding of the history of our solar system, that's still pretty remarkable. Who knows what valuable discoveries it might lead to? While we were pretty excited about the possibilities of a second Earth, the internet responses, in typical internet fashion, were pretty vast, not unlike space itself.

TikTok user @lanna remarked, "Tbh, I just wanna know if we are going to be friends or enemies with the possible life." While @SuzieParker replied to the video, "What so humans can stuff up that planet to." With @Jaymz humorously asking, "I wonder if the cost of living is cheaper there. I'm keen to relocate." 

Wherever you land on the discovery of a second Earth, it's pretty fun to think about.