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See What NYC Fashion Technology Students Are Wearing As Internet Has Fun With It

"This was my dream school," writes a viewer of the video.

For those that are inclined toward an education in style, the New York City Fashion Institute of Technology offers a chance to pursue their aspirations. As it turns out, a video making the rounds on the Internet captures what students are wearing there and people are enjoying it. The reactions are fun, in admiration and sometimes, well, not so much.


The clip, posted by @_bby.ashx, sets the foundation for some discussion in the comments.

"This was my dream school," writes commenter @_theonlyiyani.

"Scraps," suggests @thecountdown20. "Because they pay NYC rent."

"It must be summer," remarks @b8byk3. To which the creator of the video replies, "New York weather is very bipolar, OK."

"This is all art schools, to be honest," notes @emekaj20.

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"I went there and wore leggings, sweaters and sneakers all the time," confesses @michsaraa.

Video viewer @the.real.miguel joins the conversation. "I wish someone at my university recorded my daily outfits like this," she says.

"I'm the first one, OMG!" exclaims @venusian.doll.

"They've got the style," notes @anamachuca56. "That's why they are in fashion school."

"I go to a different fashion school and wear leggings and a sweatshirt," remarks @anamachuca56. "I can't dress up every day. I have laundry to pay for."

"Are there any 'average' dressing fashion students?" asks @rico_not_suave. "I know we can't all be flowing with creative genius."

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