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Man's Account of Working in the Office on 'Taylor Swift Ticket Day' Is Priceless

Exactly everyone was freaking out over Ticketmaster's issues.

For all the wonderful advancements of computers and the Internet provide us, the benefits only go so far as the efficacy of the services we attempt to access. While we can buy virtually anything online at thousands of sites big and small, somehow buying tickets for concerts and shows has become a modern-day Gordian knot. Trying to score tickets through sites like Ticketmaster have become nearly impossible to the point that even after a lawsuit where millions of users got to go to free shows before the pandemic, somehow the secondary vendors manage to almost monopolize available seats and make a healthy profit by reselling. 

Tuesday was the launch date for Taylor Swift's upcoming 2023 tour. She's playing almost exclusively weekends, stopping at different NFL stadiums across the country for two or more shows at a time. That capacity should make getting tickets easier than trying to solve a Rubik's cube, right? TikTok user @rod didn't quite see that at his workplace. 

The commenters went through some things yesterday and all deserve commendations and hugs. "7 hours dealing with Ticketmaster’s failure and all I got was an emotional breakdown," admitted Bristol. Stephanie apparently planned ahead, "Exactly why I took today off - didn’t want to cry in front of my coworkers." "My therapist literally paused our session when she got to the front of the line and could purchase them," reported Cactus.

Having worked in ticket sales, my heart goes out to everyone who stressed through that experience, especially for no reward. Hopefully there are other pathways to the show open, like doing a suite rental with a group. 

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