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Boss Builds Everyone in the Office Their Very Own 'Tiny Home'

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Going into the office isn't exactly fun for most people. Working at a desk or cubicle can feel stifling, due to a lack of privacy from being in such close proximity to your coworkers (not to mention your boss.) 

Basically, having your own space, especially at work, is nice. Well, the boss at one particular office really took this idea to heart. He literally built each of his employees a house in their office space. (Yes, you read that right.) 

Check out this video from TikTok user @itskylie94 to see it for yourself... 

And the award for boss of the year goes to...(Now this is exactly the type of person we want to work for. Every boss should do stuff like this for their employees.) The internet was absolutely loving this one. 

 TikTok user @natalie wrote, "I would actually work in this office LOL." With TikTok user @chrislee posting in agreement, "I want this." 

While TikTok user @jmckenbburn shared, "I work in a dementia memory care community that is set up like this! It's fun!" (That's awesome!) 

Giving some insight about the details for the tiny homes in this office, user @itskylie94 posted, "I love it! Everyone's "house" is customized based on their personality! And all the house numbers are birthdays!" 

To which TikTok user @DannyWangDesign commented, "Cute idea! I am going to build all my employees a tiny pool." (That's the spirit! And hey, if you've got a house you might as well get a pool too.) 

What do you think? Would you like a personalized tiny house as your office space?