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Woman Going Through Old Tech Devices from Childhood Brings Back Memories

Prepare to travel back in time!

For many, the holidays mean the opportunity to travel back home and see the family and friends from our hometowns we miss since we've moved. Invariably, there will be at least one moment where conversations shift to memories of the past, be they lost loved ones or times from growing up, which can be pleasant, awkward, or a mix of both. This can be heightened by bringing home a romantic partner and going through old photos (sometimes involuntarily) or finding relics of the past from one's collection. 

Even if returning home solo, going through things can bring back waves of memories, especially if the parents have decided to sell the house. The older we get, sometimes the more we enjoy looking through our childhood possessions, even if it makes us feel old or question prior decisions. TikTok user @chloaymay took a stroll down Memory Lane, including some old devices from years ago.

Commenters to this video show some folks truly relate. Phurby Bridges replied, "Omg… are you a 97 baby because this hit too close to home." "That nintendogs case hit me hard," admitted CourtBri. Sydney Michelle exclaimed, "I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WITH NICKTOONS RACING!!!!!! I freaking LOVED that game."

While most of these did not overlap with my old possessions (I remember when Nicktoons debuted) but some of them look like stuff my sister had or liked. This collection has been well curated and cared for, especially the Pokemon cards, and I hope going through these give the owner positive memories going forward. 

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