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Try This Quick Overnight Way to Keep a PC Running

A Simple Trick for Best Performance!

Computers have become a central component of modern life, as the main machine used in so many careers, to the preferred gaming console for many popular titles. Someone could theoretically spend all waking hours between work and recreation on a computer - and many do. Users invest so much time and money into their laptops or desktops, so many look for different tips and tricks to keep them running at optimal performance. 

One of the major debates among computer users revolves around what to do with units overnight. Some say it is better to shut them down overnight and let the components rest, while others insist keeping them running will maintain the best results. TikTok user @brewsterisalive provided this suggestion to protect computers with some overnight maintenance.

Commenters appreciated this proposed solution. "This is good for me because I always thought I had viruses," replied Gabethetik. Cloud suggested, "note: do it overnight cause it takes hours to fully scan." "I actually knew this from someone a week or two ago when I needed help getting genshin on very low graphics and getting it on SSD," remarked Panini Sandwich.

I have not tried this for my laptop, but I might give this a shot over the weekend. While no solution will resolve all problems for everyone, it is great to see those who share their expertise trying to help others. Hopefully those who receive the help will pay it forward when given the opportunity to support others. 

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